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India-focused mobile messaging service Hike landed funding from Tencent last year, and today it took a major step to emulating the Chinese firm’s WeChat app with the introduction of mobile payments.

Banks involved in the blockchain consortium R3 CEV have expressed interest in investing $59 million in the company’s first funding round, less than half its overall target, a person close to the deal said on Friday.

With plummeting gasoline prices and consistent job growth, small business owners seem more confident than ever that the economy is improving. In fact, the National Federation of Independent Business's most recent Small Business Optimism Index shows that optimism has jumped to a near eight-year high.

The biggest economic puzzle of the past few years is why the recovery has remained so weak. The underlying cause of the 2007-2009 recession was the bursting of the real estate bubble. But it was the banking crisis resulting from the drop in home prices that actually sent the U.S. tumbling into the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Continuing problems in the banking industry have been among the chief factors holding back the recovery. The key question now is whether the banks have finally tackled their problems, so that the economy can start to grow more robustly.

Shrinking budgets, stringent regulations and a hyper-competitive market will lead to a continuously-growing need to quickly and accurately respond to changes and make decisions at every level within any organisation in the finance industry. Insight into the right data at the right time is essential for anyone who works with information. Thus business intelligence (BI) is more important than ever. Nevertheless, we are continuing to see a slow adoption rate of BI in Australia, which is directly impacting business efficiencies and productivity.